Effect of Nanosilver on the Rate of Heat Transfer to the Core of the Medium Density Fiberboard Mat

Document Type : Research Paper


Effect of nanosilver (NS) on the heat-transferring rate to the core section of medium density fiberboard (MDF) mat was studied here. A 400 ppm aqueous nanosilver suspension was used at three consumption levels of 100, 150, and 200 mL/kg, based on the weight of dry wood fibers; the results were then compared with the control MDF panels. The size range of nanosilver was 30-80 nm. Results showed that the uniform and even dispersion of nanoparticles throughout the MDFmatrix significantly contributed to the faster transfer of heat to the core section. As to the loss of mat water content after the first 3-4 minutes under the hot press, the core temperature slightly decreased in the control panels. However, heat transferring prope rty of nanosilver contributed to keeping the core temperature rather constant in the nanosilver-150 and 200 treatments. The surface layers of the mat rapidly absorbed the heat, resulting in the depolymerization of part of the resin. It can therefore be concluded that the optimum nano suspension content should not necessarily be the highest one.