Preconcentration of Mo(II) on Micro Crystalline Modified with Functionalized-Nano Graphene

Document Type : Research Paper


A organic-solution-processable functionalized-graphene (SPFGraphene) material has been studied on pre-concentration and determination of trace Mo(II)ions. In this process, the effects of pH solution, elution conditions on pre-concentration of trace Mo(II) were studied and the effect of interfering ions was also investigated. A selective method for the fast determination of trace amounts of Mo (II) ions in water samples has been developed. method has been developed for preconcentration of Mo on organic-solution-processable functionalized-graphene (SPFGraphene) adsorbent in the pH range 5.0–10.0, prior to its spectrophotometric determination, based on the oxidation of bromopyrogallol red at λ = 517 nm. This method makes it possible to quantitize Mo in the range of 6.9×10−9 to 2.7×10−5 M, with a detection limit (S/N = 3) of 1.78×10−9 M. This procedure has been successfully applied to determine the ultra-trace levels of Mo in the environmental samples, free from the interference of some diverse ions. The precision, expressed as relative standard deviation of three measurements is better than 3.0%.