incorpoEvaluation the Nutritional Value and Staling Rate of Toast Breads Fortified with Xanthan Gum and Potato Flour

Document Type : Research Paper


In this research, after conducting chemical tests on flour samples (moisture, ash, protein, fiber and pH), potato flour and xanthan gum were added to wheat four at levels 5, 10 and 15 percents and 0.5 and 1 percents, respectively, and subsequently production of toast bread in semi-industrial manner was started, Then the qualitative characteristics (Nutritional Value) of toast breads were measured and Staling rate of all samples was evaluated mechanically with the use of Instron machine. The results of evaluation of Nutritional Value of bread samples showed that the amount of moisture, protein, ash and fiber in breads containing of potato flour and xanthan were increasing in proportion to controlled bread (bread not containing potato flour and xanthan), in addition to the fact that application of 10 and 15 percent levels of potato flour and 1percent level of xanthan gum resulted in a better Nutritional Value in comparison with other levels. Also evaluation of bread samples after 24, 48 and 72 hours of baking showed that potato flour and xanthan gum had positive influences on breads freshness and P1 treatment (5% potato flour and 0.5% xanthan) showing the highest tenderness and the lowest staling rate at all three time intervals. Mechanical analysis indicated that samples containing different levels of potato flour and 0.5% Xanthan (P1, P2 and P3) are showing the lowest staling rate.