A Facile One-Pot Solvent-Free Synthesis of 1,2-Dihydro-1-arylnaphtho [1,2-e] [1,3] oxazine-3-ones Catalyzed by Nano-Fe2O3

Document Type : Research Paper


One of the most important goals in medicinal chemistry is the development of new techniques and new heterocyclic compounds with pharmaceutical activity. The present study aimed to use a method for the synthesis of some 1,2-Dihydro-1-arylnaphtho [1,2-e] [1,3] oxazine-3-ones. The question this study tried to answer was this reaction can be performed in present of nano-Fe2O3 as an acid catalyst and solvent-free conditions or not. Therefore, to find answer to the question, some of the1,2-Dihydro-1-arylnaphtho [1,2-e] [1,3] oxazine-3-one derivatives with medicinal properties were synthesized with rapid, high yield, novel, facile, and one-pot condensation of β-naphthol, aromatic aldehydes and urea using by nano-Fe2O3 under solvent-free conditions. The one-pot synthesis on solid inorganic support provides the products in good yields. The synthesized some of oxazine-3-one derivatives has been reported.Nano-Fe2O3 was reused for four runs without significant loss of activity and the effect of the solvents on the model reaction was carried out in various solvents.