Preparation and Rheological Property Evaluation of LDPE/ Zinc Oxide Nanocomposite Films for Food Packaging Application

Document Type : Research Paper


Nowadays, nanoscale innovations in the forms of pathogen detection, active packaging, antimicrobial packaging and barrier formation are poised to elevate food packaging to new heights. Antimicrobial nanocomposite LDPE films containing ZnO nanoparticles at different concentrations (e.g. 1%, 3%, 5%  and 3%  nano-ZnO pulse 10% polyethylene grafted maleic anhydride (PE-g-MA), w/w pure LDPE), were prepared by melt-mixing process and followed by compression molding using hot press machine. Dispersion quality of antimicrobial nanoparticle distribution within the polymer matrix has been assessed by Transmission Electron Microscopy analysis (TEM). The mechanical properties of the films prepared were characterized by using stress-strain analysis. Rheological properties of nanocomposites were determined using rotational rheometers. Rheological properties demonstrate that the rheological moduli of the nanocomposite increases with increasing the nanofiller concentration so that the high frequency region is more benefited by this effect.