Study of milling effect on particle size and mechanical properties of WC-Co composite

Document Type : Research Paper


The effect of milling on the particle size and mechanical properties Tungsten Carbide - Cobalt composite were investigated. First, raw materials ratios by mechanical milling for 4 hours at 300 rpm were mixed. The powder in the optimum temperature 1350°C at a rate of temperature rise 50°C / min and shelf life of 4 minutes and the pressure MPa 30 were sintered in SPS. The results indicated nearly full dense was obtained for sample. The calculated mechanical properties revealed optimum amounts of 14.25 GPa hardness, 772 MPa bending strength and 13.86 MPa.m1/2 fracture toughness. The XRD analysis indicated the dominant identified phases was WC. The FESEM observation showed presence of Co between ceramic particles as binder.