Application of chemical engineering principles in development of nanomaterials (review)

Document Type : Research Paper


Nanotechnology can be applied as a common-purpose technology, as it has important impacts on almost all industries and all areas of science. In those early days, scientists and engineers have confirmed their study on the development of nanomaterials and their applications in various fields. Nanoparticles have a wide range of applications, since it incorporate knowledge from the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, and Engineering. Nanomaterials have some special properties due to their small size. The basic applications in the chemical engineering field are catalyst, sensor, coating, and adsorption and drug delivery. Notwithstanding many advantages, preparation and preserving the proper size of nanomaterials are the most desperate job. Chemical engineers play a fundamental role in the modeling and development of nanomaterials. The advances in nanomaterials necessitate parallel progress of the nanometrology tools and techniques to characterize and manipulate nanostructures. In the energy generation, compete where the conventional fuel resources cannot stay the dominant energy source, considering the increasing consumption request and the CO2 emissions further renewable energy sources based on maiden technologies have to be promoted. The present reviews clarify the different nanomaterials using in chemical engineering, their applications and procurement methods. Moreover, results of various patents and research articles have been summarized in this paper.