Green synthesis of Iron oxide nanoparticles using carum carvi L. and modified with chitosan in order to optimize the anti-cancer drug adsorption

Document Type : Research Paper


Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles have gained a lot of attention in drug delivery systems because they can control a drug pathway to deliver it to the specific site under a magnetic field which is related to their magnetic core and surface coating. Chitosan-coated FeNPs, have prominent antimicrobial and biological properties that make chitosan a promising biopolymer for drug delivery application, especially in cancer treatment. In this research, FeNPs were green synthesized using the aqueous extract of Carum carvi L. and under optimum conditions. Formation of FeNPs was confirmed by UV-Vis spectroscopy, XRD analysis, and SEM. Also, chitosan-coated FeNPs were synthesized to increased biocompatibility and the absorption capacity of nanoparticles. Chitosan coating on FeNPs was detected by FTIR. After the production of nano-absorbent, the maximum absorbance of different concentrations of doxorubicin was determined. The effect of pH was investigated on the absorption of doxorubicin in maximum absorbance at pH 3-10 by UV-Vis spectroscopy. The results obtained from the characterization of FeNPs showed they are spherical particles with less than 300 nm in size. The maximum absorbance of different concentrations of doxorubicin was in 280 nm. Doxorubicin showed maximum absorption at pH 7. This green biosynthesis method has been found to be eco-friendly, cost-effective and promising for different applications. The seeds extract of Carum carvi L. have a great ability to reduce Fe ions to FeNPs. Also, doxorubicin loaded chitosan-coated FeNPs can successfully use in drug delivery systems.