Green chemistry method with XRD analyzes and absorption of TiO2 nanoparticles modified with use of choline chloride

Document Type : Research Paper


This research report related to nano-sized particles of tetragonal rutile phase TiO2. We have
successfully synthesized TiO2 nanoparticles, by chemical method non-toxic and bio-safe, at lower than 100°C. This method is simple, economic and friendly for environmentally and suitable for large scale grains. Using of choline chloride, to decrease the size of commercial TiO2 by chemical method. This procedure was based on the under appropriate conditions, such as concentrations choline chloride, different volume percent content of the ethanol and water and injection time.X-Ray diffraction was studied for analyze particles size from two way, Debye-Scherer’s equation and Williamson-Hall method. The X-Ray diffraction studied for analyzes particles size. FWHM of XRD data explains the interrelationship of particle size and specific surface area. It is obtained to be particles size around of 40-60 nm and specific surface area is 20-25 m2.g-1. The resulted size of particles with TEM images was in agreement with Debye-Scherer's equation and Williamson-Hall method.