Hydrothermal synthesis nanoparticle bysupercritical fluid

Document Type : Research Paper


Supercritical fluid (SCF) technology has become an important tool of materials processing in the last
two decades. Supercritical CO2 and H2O are extensively being used in the preparation of a great variety of
nanomaterials. The greatest requirement in the application of nanomaterials is its size and morphology control, which determine the application potential of the nanoparticles, as their properties vary significantly with size. Although significance of SCF technology has been described earlier by various authors, the importance of this technology for the fabrication of inorganic and hybrid nanomaterials in biomedical applications has not been discussed thoroughly. The interest in the preparation and application of nanometer size materials is increasing since they can exhibit properties of great industrial interest. Several techniques have been proposed to produce nanomaterials using supercritical fluids. These processes, taking advantage of the specific properties of supercritical fluids, are generally flexible, more simplified and with a reduced environmental impact. The result is that nanomaterials with potentially better performances have been obtained. In this study, the hydrothermal synthesis was investigated.