Novel application of hybrid Perovskite materials in grid-connected photo-voltaic cells

Document Type: Review Paper


In this paper, the novel application of organic/inorganic perovskite hybrid materials is
proposed for grid-connected Photo-voltaic (PV) cells. The perovskite hybrid cells attracted a lot of interest due to their potential in combining advantages of both components. Looking to the future, there is no doubt that these new generations of hybrid materials, born from the very fruitful activities in this research field, will open a land of promising applications in many areas such as solar cells and fuel. In other view due to world energy requirements, the integration of solar energy will diminish the consumption rate of non- renewable energies and also dependency of fuel cells. The PV cells are utilized the sun energy and generate the DC power where the converters are utilized for boosting the low output voltage of PV cells and converting the DC to AC grid voltage respectively. The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) method based on Perturb and Observe (P & O) algorithm is used to operate the PV cell in point of maximum power. The three-phase current source inverter (CSI) as a DC/AC converter is utilized for grid connection of PV. The simulation by MATLAB/SIMULINK is done to show the effectiveness of the proposed method.