Analytical quantum current modeling in GNSFET

Document Type : Review Paper


Carbon nanoscrolls (CNSs) belong to the same class of carbon-based nanomaterials
as carbon nanotubes. As a new category of quasi one dimensional material Graphene Nanoscroll (GNS) has captivated the researchers recently because of its exceptional electronic properties like having large carrier mobility. GNS shape has open edges and no caps unlike Single Wall Nanotubes (SWNTs) which are wound into close cylinders' shape. The carbon atoms on the edge of GNS have two typical topological shapes. GNS can be classified to either AGNS or ZGNS according to its topological structure. However, in this research, only ZGNS was taken into consideration because AGNS behaves as metallic unlike ZGNS which can behave either metallic or semiconducting depends on their chirality which is the main highlight in this project. In this project, the modeling of GNS was done and their electrical characteristic and behavior were investigated. Also by utilizing analytical approach, introduces modeling the quantum current for graphene nanoscroll Furthermore.