Conductivity Coefficient Modeling in Degenerate and Non-Degenerate Modes on GNSs

Document Type : Research Paper


Carbon nanoscrolls (CNSs) with tubular structure similar to the open multiwall carbon
nanotube have been of hot debate during recent years. Due to its unique property, Graphene Nanoscroll (GNS) have attracted many research groups’ attention and have been used by them. They specially studied on energy storage devices such as batteries and super capacitors. These devices can be schematically assumed as rolled up graphene sheets with a spiral form. They are predicted to have high mechanical strength, high carrier mobility, and high thermal conductivity. There are a lot of possibilities for the research in this field since the field study of GNS is very new and many researchers show their interest towards it. The research is endless and GNS gives bright future for nanoscale device technology. By utilizing a novel analytical approach, the current paper introduces modeling the conductance for graphene nanoscroll Furthermore, the conductance was modeled for both degenerate and non-degenerate regimes. Conductivity coefficient as a basic parameter in both degenerate and non-degenerate regimes was explored too.