Solid phase extraction of Hg (П) in water samples by nano-Fe3O4 encapsulated-dioctylphthalate and linked- diethylenetriamine

Document Type : Research Paper


A cold vapor atomic absorption spectrophotometric (CVAAS) method for the determination
of trace Hg(II) after adsorption of magnetic nano- Fe3O4 -DOP- DTA has been developed. The as magnetic
nano- Fe3O4-DOP-DTA have a good capacity to retain Hg2+, but the raw and purified as magnetic nano-
Fe3O4-DOP- DTA are found not to adsorb Hg2+ ions. This was treated with diethylenetriamine (DTA) in
another solvent-free procedure for the formation of a novel nano-Fe3O4-DOP-DTA. Cold vapor atomic
absorption spectrometry (CVAAS) was utilized for determination of Hg2+. The effects of solution pH
solution, elution conditions on pre-concentration of trace Hg2+ were studied and the effect of interfering
ions was also investigated. Preconcentration factor was 200 .The method was successfully applied
to the recovery of Hg2+ in different type of water samples. Graphene oxide and its derivate such as
magnetic nano- Fe3O4 -DOP- DTA in this study is full of potential to use as an excellent adsorbent in the
extraction method like solid phase extraction (SPE) and solid phase micro extraction (SPME).