Anti-tumor activity of Fe (III), Co(II) and Pd(II) complexes of N3-{phenyl [(4-pyridylcarbonyl)amino]methyl}

Document Type : Research Paper


An anti-tumor compound as N3-{phenyl [(4-pyridylcarbonyl) amino] methyl} were
synthesized and identified (NPPA). Fe (III), Co(II) and Pd(II) metal complexes of this ligand prepared
by reaction of chloride salt of Fe (III), Co(II) and Pd(II) with NPPA in dry acetonitrile. Identification and
Characterization of the ligand was performed by FT-IR, 1H-NMR spectroscopy and elemental analysis
and all complexes were characterized by several techniques using elemental analyze (C, H, N), FTIR,
1H-NMR (except Co complex), electronic spectroscopy and molar conductance measurements.
These new compounds were used to biological studies; and its anticancer properties against the two
types of cancer cells such as k562 (human chronic myeloid leukemia) and Jurkat (human T lymphocyte
carcinoma) was revealed. The results of in vitro activities were very interesting and promising. These
results showed that complexes offer a new outlook for chemotherapy. It should be noted that the results
suggest that complex showed greater effects than ligand.