Electrospun PANI-PMMA and PANI-PMMA-AgNO3 Composite Nanofibers

Document Type : Research Paper


In this paper we report upon the preparation and characterization of electrospun nanofibers
of doped polyaniline (PANI)/poly(methyl methacrylate) PANI-PMMA/AgNO3 by electrospinning
technique. At first, Doped polyaniline (PANI) was obtained by the polymerization of aniline using chemical
oxidative polymerization in the presence of ammonium peroxydisulfate (APS). The doped PANI was
dedoped by ammonia solution. Then, the electrospinning method was applied on the solutions involving
PANI-PMMA, PANI-PMMA-AgNO3. The as-prepared PANI-PMMA and PANI-PMMA-AgNO3 composite
nanofibers were investigated for structural characterizations by means of SEM, FTIR and UV-VIS. SEM
technique was used to investigate the morphology of the accumulated fibers or particles on the Al
surface collector. SEM revealed the nanofibers with the diameter Micro to nanofibers formed a nonwoven
material with highly porous and agglomerated structure. The presence of Ag in the case of Ag
containing composite nanofibers was confirmed by EDAX.