Study of synergistic effect of Collagen and Licorice, Aloe Vera, Green Tea extracts in the treatment of burns in female Wistar rats

Document Type : Research Paper


In addition to the pain, burns can cost the injured person both financially and psychologically.
In this experimental study, the alcoholic extract of aloe vera and green tea and licorice, which have
been used in traditional medicine in Iran for thousands of years, along with collagen protein of fish skin
individually, and then their double combination, triple combination, quaternary composition and Control
was tested in 18 experimental boxes to treat skin lesions caused by Second degree burns on the skin
of female rats. The results were then analyzed and then compared with a rat treated with a commercial
ointment called silver sulfadiazineone1%, which is available in pharmacies and used for burns. The
results showed that the combined use of herbs interferes with the treatment of burns, and others cause
a synergistic effect and accelerate the treatment, and even faster than the commercial drug sulfadiazine