Fabrication method of extracting of Co(II) in water samples by synthesis MG-Chi/Fe3O4

Document Type : Research Paper


A flame atomic absorption spectrophotometric (FAAS) method for the determination of trace Co(II) after adsorption of synthesis modified with methionine-glutaraldehyde schiff’s base (MG-Chi/Fe3O4) nano-biosorbent has been developed. Applying a facile and accessible sample preparation method is highly important before the experimental analysis process. In the current study, a technique was introduced for preconcentration and analysis of trace amounts of Co(II) ions in water samples. The important parameters in the analytical procedure of Co(II) ions were optimized such as the pH of extraction, amount and type of elution solvent, time of extraction, and the effect of another ion. Analytical parameters such as the concentration factor, the limit of detection (LOD) of the technique, and relative standard deviation (RSD %) were achieved as 20, 10.0 μg L-1, and 2.8%, respectively.