UV radiation effects on inducing skin cancer: perspective of prevention and new strategy for treatment

Document Type : Research Paper


Skin cancer is the most human malignancy. There are several risk factors which play important role in skin cancer development. UV radiation is one of these risk factors which induce different types of mutation in important genes such as tumor suppressor and protooncogene and DNA-repair genes. So prevention to exposure of UV radiation play critical role in Decreasing the skin cancer incidence. On the other hand, non-invasive treatments increase the skin cancer Patients’ quality of life. Here we review the roles of the UV radiation in inducing the skin And its effects, its effects on gene mutation and the perspectives of prevention and treatment in this way. In the both fields of prevention and treatment nanotechnology plays a key role. Nanotechnology improves the photostability, skin retention, sun protection factor (SPF) and spectrum of protection of sunscreens. Nanotechnology has many advantages for skin cancer treatment which its selectivity is the most considerable one. There are also new methods for prevention and treatment of this disease including non-invasive ways, which have been reviewed in this article.