Conduction coefficient modeling in bilayer graphene based on schottky transistors

Document Type : Research Paper


Nowadays carbon nanoparticles are applied on the island of single electron transistor and Nano-transistors. The basis of single electron devices (SEDs) is controllable single electron transfer between small conducting islands. Based on the important points in quantum mechanics, when a wave passes through several spatial regions with different boundaries, the wave function of the first region differs from the second and third wave functions. But the boundary conditions are similar in neighboring areas. The single-electron transistor as a nano-switch can control the current. In the single electron transistor, the velocity of current is influenced by the characteristics of materials such as conductivity. Therefore, the choice of two-dimensional graphene as a material with high conductivity can be increase speed in single-electron transistor. In this research, proposed a model of conductivity for single electron transistor with island as bilayer graphene. Also, the diagram of G-Vg is plotted and the number of key factors is checked.