Guide for Authors

Manuscript Preparation

Page Layout: Manuscripts should be typed in Microsoft Word, formatted as a two-column, double-spaced, regular A4-sized paper with one inch margin on all the four edges. Pages should be numbered consecutively.

Figures: Figures should be formatted in JPEG in maximum quality and should be numbered consecutively in the order of their appearance in the text. Please provide high quality images with a resolution higher than 300dpi.

Tables: Tables should be numbered and include a concise title explaining their content. Tables should be inserted using the table tools in Microsoft Word. Acronyms or non-standard abbreviations in a table should be defined in a footnote under the table.

Abbreviations: Abbreviations should be explained at their first appearance in the text and should be used afterwards.

References: All references should be cited within the manuscript body in accordance with the Harvard referencing style. The list of references should be given at the end of the manuscript, listed in alphabetical order and given in the Harvard style.

The in-text citations should be placed in paranthesis after the sentence or part thereof that the citation supports and should include the authors' names as follows:
1. Single author: The author's name and the year of publication should be included.
2. Two authors: The authors' names and the year of publication should be included.
3. More than two authors: The first author's name followed by "et al." and the year of publication should be included.

At the References section, the cited article should be listed as in the example below:
Gheisari, H.; Karamian, E.; (2015). Characterization and Mechanical Behavior of Fly Ash-Alumina Reinforced Zn-27Al Alloy Matrix Hybrid Nanocomposite Using Stir-Casting Technique.  Int. J. Bio-Inorg. Hybr. Nanomater., 4(2): 79-85.

* Nomenclature should follow IUPAC guidelines. Units of measurement should be in SI.

Manuscript Body

Title: The title should be limited to fewer than 18 words, typed in 14 pt. font.

Contact information: Contact information of the authors should be typed in 11 pt. font and should include the names, affiliations and e-mail addresses of the authors as well as a contact number for the corresponding author.

Abstract: The abstract should be a standalone summary of your work summarized in less than 200 words and typed in 10 pt. font.

Keywords: A minimum of five and a maximum of eight keywords should be provided.

Main text of the manuscript should be divided into the following sections:

Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgement and References.

Manuscript Submission
Submissions should be made only electronically via the website’s Authorship Section. To submit a new manuscript, you should first register on the website if you don’t already have a username. After your registration is complete, you will be able to log in to your panel and submit a new manuscript.

Copyright Transfer Agreement
The corresponding author, on behalf of all the authors, should fill and submit the copyright transfer agreement form to IJBIHN to enable us to publish and disseminate your work.